About Us

Who we are?

We are varyingly referred to as an organization, a movement, a group… While each of these definitions would fit RSG India, it does not capture the full essence of it. RSG India is “A Very Powerful Thought “.

10 years ago, the thought was powered by passion and little else. Since then, thousands of Bioinformaticians have contributed to our motto of creating awareness and helping the Bioinformatics community. However, increasingly our work has moved from creating awareness to ensuring a proper framework and guiding students. We have seen the beginning of transformational change take shape. Most of all, we have seen our people walk with a new purpose.

With over 2000 Bioinformatics students from different levels of education (undergraduates to postdocs) and different parts of the country, RSG-India represents a microcosm of the Indian computational life sciences student community.

What do we do?


2000 plus members from all over the country, and outside, sharing information, asking questions and discussing issues of interest. In message board, you can find latest info about job opportunities, PhD & RA positions, links to useful resources and lots more…

CBDG is a club which fosters Discussion and Interaction among Bioinformatics Community to keep a track of new and latest developments in Computational Biology and to help students learn analytical and presentational skills.

  • Topic of the Month (TOTM)

TOTM is an online open discussion on various topics related to Computational Biology, one topic per month. The members who have subscribed to RSG India Google group can participate in the discussion.

  • Bioinformatics Experts & Trouble-shooters (BET)

BET is an open group of postgraduate students (MS, MSc PhDs, Post Doc’s, JRF’S, SRF’S etc). The mission is to contribute to RSG-India’s message board, social networking sites, solve queries in the ISCB-SC forum of RSG-India and outreach.

  • Seminars and Workshops

We conduct various seminars and workshops in all CBDG enabled universities to promote scientific temperament and generate research interests among students.
Prominent scientists and speakers from the field of Computational biology also give guest lectures for the students.

  • Virtual Projects

We collaborate with universities through virtual projects (coordinated over the internet) as an ideal and easy way to help students work on interesting projects.

Please feel free to contact us.